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Two-Month Journal

Here is our most recent Cashier Journal. These will be stored in the journal archives for viewing as soon as the next edition of the Cashier Journal comes out. 

February 8th

Despite the fact that I no longer am employed by any retailer, I luckily decided to pay a visit to the nearby K-Mart tonight, and while shopping around, happened to stumble upon a short, yet extremely unusual story. As I passed the pharmacy, I saw two men and a woman walking through the store. They all appeared to be about 40 years old, and this was everything I heard out of their conversation as they walked along:

Man #1: Hey, what's a Cliff Bar?
Man #2: It's like a Power Bar, only better!!!
Man #1: Great!! Let's buy a whole bunch of them!
Man #2: But where do we find them?
Woman : (yelling) The pantry! The pantry! The pantry!

Alright folks, I'm not too sure about that one either...LOL. I laughed to myself as I pictured the cashier unexpectantly waiting on yet another bunch of uncanny customers.


January 13th

This isn't a normal update of a customer story, however; there is some news from myself I should post on this page.
I have returned from basic training and AIT and am sorry to announce that I am no longer working in the retail business AT THIS TIME. It is very likely that I will resume again in the summer. This means, unfortunately, that I will probably have nothing to input in the stories or journal. Luckily, Steve is still working in retail and will be able to continue to add stories and journal updates, and him and I will update the rest of the page as needed. I will also keep an eye out for consumer behavior while doing my own shopping and hopefully I can come up with a couple stories from there and hope to continue in the retail business this summer.

--Adam Bray

January 11

Another 4 to close shift brought the most interesting, and annoying, spill clean-up I have ever come across. I was bringing in carts in the sub-zero weather when I was hastily told over the walkie to "come quick" to the health and beauty department with a mop to clean up a spill. I hurriedly grabbed a mop and headed in towards my destination. When I got there, I found an employee standing over a glob of lotion, about the size of a quarter. Almost laughing, I grabbed a paper towel from the spill station and wiped it up. "It's over there, too." He said, pointing down the aisle. I looked, and about every two feet, there was another quarter-sized glob of pale yellow lotion. To my dismay, I realized that this had occurred in nearly 15 aisles. Either a complete fool had been going around with the top off or something, adding another drip ever few feet, or someone had been doing it purposely. I assumed it was intentional, because had someone been browsing the aisles, they would have eventually stopped to look at something, which would of caused the lotion to pool up. So I knew it was foul play. Anyway, after a half an hour, I had most of it cleaned up. I kept stumbling across more until finally I just gave up and left anything I couldn't find for someone on the sales floor to take care of. What a night.