Cashier Stories
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Cashier Stories
The Classical Cashier Stories

NOTE: All of these stories are absolutely true. They were real occurences. In some instances, fake names may be made up to protect identities.

#1 - That Coupon Gives Me Money, Too

It was just an average day at the old county market. We have a so-called "Preferred Perks" card which gives discounts on some items. We had a sale on pop. Without the card, it was $3.69 per 12 pack. With the card, it was $1.99 per 12 pack. Someone had a coupon for a 12 pack of Pepsi which gave it to him for free. Unfortunately, the coupon would not ring up on it's own so I had to type it in. Since he had the card, the price was $1.99. As I typed this in, he said, "No. You take off $3.69." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I said, "Um, no sir, you had the card, so the price was $1.99." Angrily, he commented, "If you leave that, I'm taking it right up to the service desk." Well, I called up to the service desk and they also told me to type it in as $1.99. So I did. He stomped up to the service desk where he remained for 10 minutes while they figured everything out. In the end, sense was knocked into him as he received only the soda free and not an extra $1.70 as well.

--Adam Bray

#2 - I Have Something Important to Tell You

It was a busy summer day, and there were plenty of customers in the aisles. We had probably six lanes open, all full. Another customer walked in the store, who appeared to be a normal adult lady, approximately 40-45 years of age. She walked up to the carts like thousands of other customers and started to pull out a cart. Then she stopped, and to the shock of everyone, belted "WHAT I GET IS WHAT I TAKE!!!" What that means, we still haven't quite figured out. All heads turned in her direction, and her face returned to normal. She ignored all the people staring in her direction, and proceeded to do her grocery shopping.

#3 - "I want the sweet kind."

It was a beautiful day. The temperatures had reached 65 degrees on that wonderful day in March, and people walked around in shorts and t-shirts. But inside the local Target store, crazy things were happening. Steve stood at his lane, politely waiting for the next customer to arrive. Just then, a woman approached the counter, cluching a box of cereal. "Is this the sweet kind, or the unsweet?" She asked, feverishly pointing at the box. I looked, and almost laughed out loud when I saw that the box read, in big, bold letters, "Sweetened Honey Clusters and Flakes." For a second, I thought that she was playing some kind of joke, but when I looked up at her, my eyes met only seriousness. "Um, I think they are the sweet kind." I responded politely, trying to sound serious. She pondered this for a moment, and then shoved the box at me, saying, "Good, I love the sweet kind." I rang her up, and she was on her way.

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