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Parking Lot Etiquette

Behavior doesn't end after order

Unfortunatey, poor behavior by some customers extends even past the boundaries of the actual store into the parking lot. Here are some simple tips for you to remember that will help you stay polite even before and after shopping; that is, in the parking lot.

1. Always bring your cart to it's proper place. I don't care how much of a hurry you're in, you can take 30 extra seconds to put your cart where it belongs. It's incredibly rude to leave it in a parking space where another customer would like to park. This is rudeness to staff and to fellow customers.

2. When an employee is bringing in carts from outside, don't rush up to him/her with yours. We can't line 500 carts up and bring them all at once, there is a limit to how much each person can handle. If an employee can take your cart yet, they'll ask for it. Otherwise, just put it where it belongs, in the rack.

3. Parcel pickup is a service, not a customer right. Technically, our service to you ends after the order, when the deal is done and all of your goods are now yours, not the stores. Getting the groceries to your car is your own responsiblity. Therefore, don't be rude during parcel pickup and complain to the person doing it. We're more than welcome to walk away in the middle of one.

4. Drive cautiously when approaching an employee with carts. I've seen people whiz by at full speed as I'm bringing in carts. I suppose if one of those carts slipped and hit your car, you'd like me to pay for damages, wouldn't you? We need to bring those carts in and you can help us by driving cautiously in the parking lot. They are the same carts that you use for shopping.