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Random Thoughts

Things some cashiers think about on a daily-basis.


This is a pretty simple complaint, but I've kept it quiet too long. Customers have a tendency to be completely unresponsive to a cashier greeting of "Hello." They will simply act like nothing was said. When I say the greeting, I say it audibly and loudly. I could understand if a handful of people maybe did not hear me, but 50% of my customers?? I don't think so. It's common courtesy to reply with anything from "Hey," to "Hello," to "Hi," to "How's it going?" Please don't tell me 50% of you have no common courtesy. I may be having a bad day when I take your order, but I still give a greeting. You can reply.

"Cart Smugglers"

I move around a lot at the store, so I get a lot of cart attendant shifts in. One thing I've noticed, that probably happens everywhere, is the sudden rush of cart usage near the end of the night. Suddenly every item in the store becomes heavier, and everyone needs a cart to get their gallon of milk and some bread to their car. This wouldn't be so bad, except that most people are parked somewhere in the Artic Circle. It takes forever to chase them down and bring in that one last cart. As you bring it through the door, another strong, young couple leaves with a cart carrying their new CD's and a shirt. Let's put forth some effort, please.

"Icee, please."

This is more of a complaint than a thought, but that's alright. Anyway, I sometimes work at the fast food grill place at our store, and I get a lot of people that come up to the counter and say, "Hi! One Icee, please!" They're cheerful enough, and I'm happy at the fact that these people think that I am so superior as to the point that I can read minds, but they really need to put a little more effort into it. What size? What flavor? There are many combinations, actually there are only 6 options, but still, I can't guess what they will choose. Let's put forth a little more effort, and maybe the confused frown that the customer receives will disappear!
"Into this Restroom"

In almost every store that you have been to, there is probably a sign on the door that says something to the effect of this: "Please do not bring unpurchased items into the restroom. Thank you." This just makes me wonder how effective that really is. If someone is really bent on stealing something, and they want to take it into the bathroom, open it, and then put the unpackaged item into their pocket, a small sign on a door will probably not make a bit of a difference. That's all.