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Contributed Stories

Here are all the stories that you've sent in. Thanks for taking the time to write them, and continue to send them in!

(Some stories may be edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc...)

Aye Chihuahua

It had been a long 8 hour maintenance shift on a hot summer day. The sun was going down but it was still too hot. I was pushing carts with another maintenance guy when we noticed something strange. At the end of a long line of cars was a nice car with an open sunroof. I'm not a car guy so I can't enlighten you with details but the was a nice, red, sweet car. With a chihuahua on the roof. If for some reason don't know what a chihuahua is... it is one of those Taco Bell dogs. Anyway, this dog had climbed out the sunroof and was walking around on the roof. We called the operator over the walkies.

Colin: Operator....
Operator: Yes?
Colin: Yeah, um, this is maintenance. There's a chihuahua on top of somebody's car...
Operator: A what?
Colin: A chihuahua. On the roof of somebody's car.
Operator: ( chuckling ) You know the drill...

I gave the operator the make, color, and license plate of the car. Soon a large group of fellow employees, mainly sales floor or team leads, had gone out to see this strange site. After about twenty minutes of standing around, laughing, and looking at the chihuahua, Everyone went back to work as the owner went to his car and drove off...

- Colin

Here are some other cart pushing instructions...

Do NOT get a cart unless you need it. Try a basket.

Do NOT push a cart out with a few things in it or a kid who could easily walk.

Do NOT return your cart to the cart area but just barely push it against the other carts, they are tough and are meant to be violently shoved together.

Do NOT try to help me into the store by pulling the first cart; they are not welded together and you will only succeed in pulling the first cart off the line.

Do NOT give me your cart as I am pushing a huge line of carts already towards the store.

Do NOT bring carts from other stores to our store or take our carts to their store.

Do NOT try to help me in the entrance; carts go in the exit door (this may not apply to other stores).

Do NOT try to get out of my way by moving into one of the empty cart slots; carts go here...and that is what I got.

Always return your cart; if not inside, outside in one of the cart corals and remember...push them together in nice straight lines.

-- Bill

There is this one family that comes into the grocery store and just makes me want to go home before they leave so I don't have to ring them up. There is a man about 40 and a wife in her mid 30's or 40's and they have a small child no older than 8. They seem like an ordinary family until they check out. The wife and child are normal, but the man drives me nuts. I ask paper or plastic and they give an answer and don't say another word. I bag the groceries and the man walks around the register to get to the end where the bags are and starts yelling, "Bag these heavy!" I am halfway through the order so i am a little mad that he waited so long to say something. So I bag the rest rather heavy and he still yells to make them heavier and grabs things
off the counter all frustrated and shoves them in bags I have just packed. Knowing how he is I stuff the bags as tight as I can. Everytime I have him he still comes around and yells at me and shoves much more in there. I never fill them enough for him and it makes me so irritated. The wife and child dont say a word at all.


One evening in Febuary, I was left alone on the cash register with only one other cashier (there should be around 4-5 casihers), when my lane decided to act up and didn't work. Much to my dismay, I was sent to the dreaded
"Service Desk", so that the supervisor could fix my register. The other cashier was on her break so it was just me and the supervisor and thirty unhappy customers who had to wait in line. Now, I'm sure that most of you
know that Service desk is for 9-11 items or less. Well, one of our regular and very bossy customers decided that she wanted to come through the service desk with her cart full of food. I politely explained that this register was for 9 items or less and that someone would be more then happy to help her at one of the other registers in a couple of
minutes. She then got mad at me, asking why she should wait in line any longer, because the OTHER service desk girls take her through. I then, getting a little annoyed myself, explained that I'm not a regular service desk girl and that there was not enough counter space to put all of her
groceries. My reasoning for that being that she was one of those customers that wants the cashier or bagger to put all her grocerys IN her cart while she stands there doing nothing. To DO that, I would have to open the service desk and go around with EACH bag seperately, so I'm
sure you can understand my reasoning. Anyway, I told her that the second register would be fixed momentarily and that somebody would be happy to help her there. She then stormed off to wait in line while I went on helping the other customers who had 9 items or less... And I never encountered
the lady again, to which I am very thankful.


One time while I was checking out a couple, I happened to notice a coupon on one of the items they had. Well, the coupon was for $1.50 off one can of bug spray, and this was a package of two. The man started to argue that I should take it of, and I said "Sir, this coupon is only to be used on one can, not two." Then he got really mad with me. His wife told him the same thing I did but he wouldn't listen. So he went up to the manager and was demanding to know why this coupon couldn't be taken off and the manager just simply gave him cash for the stupid thing. His wife was
nice to me and I told her that I was glad I could control my temper or I would have started to cuss him out. I have
checked out a lot of rude people.


I work in electronics. Technically, I am not really a cashier back there, but I still have to run the register and check people out. Well, tapes and CDs as well as other
electronic items are NOT to be taken out of the department without being paid for. The Saturday before Mother's Day I was working and this lady was walking out with a
cassette. I said, "You will have to pay for that back here." She looked at me and said "Can't I take it up front?!" in a disbelieving tone. I said "No, it will have to be paid for back here." Her tone switched from rude to violent. She said, "Well I don't want it then!" and threw it on the counter towards me. It hit me and fell in the floor. Yes, I was assaulted by some cassette-heaving customer.

-- Tim

I had a similar experience with a lady with a WIC check. She's not your normal customer, either. I live in a relativley small town, so i know most of the people that come in, but this particular women was Russian or something, not American, and she didn't understand anything that I said to her. Anyway, she empties her cart and says to me that this is a WIC check, and handed me ONE WIC check. She has about four or five WIC orders worth of stuff, so I assume she has more in her purse. Wrong. I take the check from her and separate the items on this particular check she handed me. The check specifies about seven items. I ring these up and her total is someting like $13. I tell her the total, and she sees the other things on the counter and says,
"No, this WIC" I show her the check and point out that there are only these things that can be rung up per WIC.

Lady: "No I have WIC, all this WIC."
Bobby: " Ma'am I can only sell what is printed on this check."

Anyway it goes on like this, for five or ten minutes, me telling her that I can't sell her everything she had, and her arguing that the limiting price, like $45 is what she could spend. Finally, I broke down and got a CSM over there, and the lady finally understood that she couldn't have all the stuff she brought to me, and left empty-handed.