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Welcome to "Can I Borrow a Pen?"

The only web page that exposes the everyday consumer!

Welcome to "Can I borrow a pen?"  To put it simply, this webpage is designed to show the average consumer what their typical actions at the checkout line consist of.  This page is not an attack on all customers, just a "wake up call," if you will, for certain ones.  This page is directed at the general public for entertainment purposes and also at the "problem makers" for a little lesson in social etiquette.

-Steve v. and Adam B.

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What's New?

9/9/16 --
Some chap named Tom Grennell from Target thought up the brilliant idea to record all of his experiences with customers on a blog, something we came up with in, oh, the 90's, long before 'going viral' was even a thing. Let him know that 'Can I borrow a pen?' is still the ONLY webpage that exposes the everyday consumer!
8/25/03 --
Personal Stories Updated
Random Thoughts Updated
NEW! -10 Most Frequent Consumer Errors (On the Phone!) Added


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