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Oh no! You didn't check my signature!

This may qualify as a random thought, but I have a little bit more to say.

Almost daily, people will whine and complain about how "You didn't check my signature!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. These people are all victims of "false security," which claims many victims annually.

They have somehow been led to believe that a sample of their handwriting can protect the hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on their credit or check cards. They are all sadly mistaken.

And then there is the other breed of "false security" believers, the ones that write "See ID" in place of the signature. Now let me explain. This is even more foolish than signing your card. Not that cashiers check the signatures anyway, but hey, read on.

Let's say a "bad guy" gets a hold of John's credit card. Now, anyone that would steal a credit card and use it probably knows what they're doing, right? So, what's more trouble for them? To make another fake ID, with John's name and their picture, which they probably already have quite a few of, or to laboriously study and copy someone's handwriting? Writing "See ID" on the back of your card is equivalent to writing "Take My Money."

Now, let's say this happens: The same "bad guy" that stole John's credit card gets a hold of Tom's card. He is sick of making ID's, so he decides to try to copy the signature. Now don't you think he would get it down, at least pretty accurately, before he tried to use it? Probably, so the cashier, no matter how good, wouldn't know the difference anyway.

My final statement is this: Even if I did see a signature that looked a little suspicious, I probably wouldn't do anything anyway. Signatures change day to day, and what would I do anyhow, tackle the person?

In closing, remember this: The two ways of "fake security" are both fraudulent ways of protecting your cash. Get over it. The only way to keep your money is to not lose your card. Period.