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Personal Stories

Here are a collection of stories that are added to whenever we feel like it. They are in no particular order, they are just stories we remembered or didn't add to the journal at one point. THEY ARE ALL TRUE, and each one was experience by either Steve or Adam.

A Fight Amongst Themselves

Late one night, I was working one of the two express lanes. Express lanes are generally reserved for 15 items or less, but the express lane behind me was taking big orders because there were too many big orders and not enough express orders. This initiated a verbal confrontation between two men. We'll call the first man Bill, the second man Herb, and Herb's wife Debra:

Bill: Say, got quite a few items there in the express lane, don't you buddy?

Herb: Well, as a matter of fact, I was called here by the cashier. So...apology for me?

Bill: Well, I'm sorry that I didn't hear that.

Herb: Okay.

It appeared the confrontation was closed. Not to be. Herb wasn't done talking.

Herb: I find it quite insulting that you don't think I know what I'm doing.

Bill: Well, look at you. Your kids are just running wild around the store.

Herb: Oh, wow, they're just running rampant, aren't they? Well, let me ask you something. Do you have kids?

Bill: No, I don't.

Herb: They what in the world do you think you're talking about? Unbelievable ....(pause)....Did you just have a bad day today, or what?

Bill: As a matter of fact, I did!

Herb: Well, buddy, why don't you just go home then and sulk!!

Debra: Hey, leave him alone.

Herb: No, I won't leave him alone. He started it.

At this point, Herb and Debra left the store. For all I know, the confrontation may have continued into the parking lot. I guess I'll never know, because I was stuck cashiering. But this was the first major confrontation that I witnessed between two customers.


Stop That Car

One night, back in November, I was out pushing carts with another fine employee in the freshly fallen snow. We were walking down the last aisle to collect a few more carts before we brought them indoors. About half way down the aisle, a car suddenly starts backing into the aisle, curving so their back bumper is heading straight for the employee steering the carts. We expect them to stop, because they are now parallel to the aisle, and pull away. Instead, they keep backing up. The guy steering starts waving his arms and yelling frantically, trying to stop the car. Unfortunately, the car keeps going. The car finally gets close enough for him to start kicking it, and that's what he does. The car doesn't stop, and he is now almost pinned between the car and the end of the row of carts. Fortunately, he hits the trunk as hard as he can, and the car slams on its breaks, shifts gears, and takes off, embarrassed.

That Coupon Gives Me Money, Too

It was just an average day at the old grocery store. We have a so-called "Preferred Perks" card which gives discounts on some items. We had a sale on pop. Without the card, it was $3.69 per 12 pack. With the card, it was $1.99 per 12 pack. Someone had a coupon for a 12 pack of Pepsi which gave it to him for free. Unfortunately, the coupon would not ring up on it's own so I had to type it in. Since he had the card, the price was $1.99. As I typed this in, he said, "No. You take off $3.69." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I said, "Um, no sir, you had the card, so the price was $1.99." Angrily, he commented, "If you leave that, I'm taking it right up to the service desk." Well, I called up to the service desk and they also told me to type it in as $1.99. So I did. He stomped up to the service desk where he remained for 10 minutes while they figured everything out. In the end, sense was knocked into him as he received only the soda free and not an extra $1.70 as well.

--Adam Bray

I Have Something Important to Tell You

It was a busy summer day, and there were plenty of customers in the aisles. We had probably six lanes open, all full. Another customer walked in the store, who appeared to be a normal adult lady, approximately 40-45 years of age. She walked up to the carts like thousands of other customers and started to pull one out. Then she stopped, and to the shock of everyone, belted "WHAT I GET IS WHAT I TAKE!!!" What that means, we still haven't quite figured out. All heads turned in her direction, and her face returned to normal. She ignored all the people staring in her direction, and proceeded to do her grocery shopping.

"I want the sweet kind."

It was a beautiful day. The temperatures had reached 65 degrees on that wonderful day in March, and people walked around in shorts and t-shirts. But inside a local store, crazy things were happening. Steve stood at his lane, politely waiting for the next customer to arrive. Just then, a woman approached the counter, cluching a box of cereal. "Is this the sweet kind, or the unsweet?" She asked, feverishly pointing at the box. I looked, and almost laughed out loud when I saw that the box read, in big, bold letters, "Sweetened Honey Clusters and Flakes." For a second, I thought that she was playing some kind of joke, but when I looked up at her, my eyes met only seriousness. "Um, I think they are the sweet kind." I responded politely, trying to sound serious. She pondered this for a moment, and then shoved the box at me, saying, "Good, I love the sweet kind." I rang her up, and she was on her way.

"The Produce Sampler"

I was pretty bored on one early Sunday shift. It had been a pretty quiet morning and I was now being approached by a smiling elderly lady approximately 60-70 years old. She had only about three items but threw them all on the belt, one of them being an apple. I took the apple in my hand and was about to weigh it when I turned it around and noticed a huge gash in the apple. About 25% of the apple was completely eaten. I turned to the lady and she simply chuckled slightly and explained, "I needed to make sure it was good." I felt like saying, "Sure, ma'am, what were you going to do if it wasn't good? Put it back?" Not to mention that apples are priced by the pound. I let the infamous "Produce Sampler" get away with it this time.