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Frequently Asked Questions


To answer some of the more common questions that consumers have about this page, we decided to add a F.A.Q. to this page. Read the following common questions and our answers:

Q. What is the purpose of this page?

If you are another cashier, you will appreciate the entertainment value that this page provides. If you are a common consumer, please read EVERYTHING that is contained in the page. Not only will you be entertained by all the factual information in the page, but if you are meeting some of the criteria of the people we are mentioning, hopefully it'll cause a "wake-up call," if you will, that you can keep in mind next time you are shopping.

Q. Isn't the customer always right?

NO. I'm sure everyone has heard this statement before, but this is the exact misconception that we believe has caused some of the customer behavior. It causes almost a cocky consumer that believes that they can do whatever they want while no longer abiding by common courtesy.

Q. Don't the store need the consumer to stay in business?

Yes. But the consumer also needs the store to stay alive. You'd have a pretty tough time surviving if you had nowhere to buy food, wouldn't you? In this sense, it's a 50/50 deal. The store needs the customer to stay in business, but the customer needs the store items to survive. As employees, we are expected to show you common courtesy at all times. It shouldn't be a whole lot to ask the same thing from you, but that doesn't usually happen.

Q. Why do you care about such things?

A. Because this is such a common problem. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of cashiers throughout the U.S, and each one is able to relate in some way. They all could probably tell just as many stories as we can, and so it was time that two of those cashiers decided to strike back.

Q. What can I do about this?

Two things. One is simple, to follow the instructions given in this page. It will be better for you and the cashier, and will cause stress for neither of you. The other thing you can do is to tell other people about this page. Not only will they enjoy the page but hopefully it will cause them to examine their own behavior and common courtesy.